How To Win ₦10,000 Airtime For Commenting On Yanfeed Community

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Yanfeed Community Give Away From January 2015!!!


Every month we will be rewarding 4 of our most active users in The YANFEED COMMUNITY with Airtime of their Preferred network via BUYTOPUPS mobile app.



1st Most Active user gets ₦10,000 recharge card


2nd Most Active user gets ₦5,000 recharge card


3rd Most Active user gets ₦3,000 recharge card


4th Most Active user gets ₦2,000 recharge card




How To Be An Active User


  1. Simply login with your social media account or register with your email, activate it from your email and login. To login or Register click


  1. Contribute in the community by commenting on posts


  1. The more you contribute the more chances you get to be one of the 4 monthly winners


How Winners Are Selected


Our moderators will always collect any sensible comment  and add it to the list of potential winners, the more sensible comment you make the more your name will appear on the potential winners list, then at the end of each month the 4 names that appears most on the potential winners list will be the winners


Please make sure you add an Image to your profile so that our moderators can easily identify your comments, you can add any decent image if you are not comfortable with your personal photo. To add image click on edit profile after you log in then upload the image you want.



We will publish the names of each winners for each month by posting a screenshot of their profile and the amount they won then our moderators will contact them immediately to credit their phones via BUYTOPUPS Mobile app.


Both full time and freelance staffs of are exempted from this give away



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